Spiritual Bathing

“If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water.” – Loren Eiseley

Candles are lit

Prayers are said

Copal is burned

Healing begins

Spiritual Bathing is an ancient Maya healing practice that removes emotional obstacles that block you from whole-hearted living. Using the vibrational power of water infused with plants, flower essences, sacred incense, prayers and intention, this cleansing can make a huge difference in your life. It can liberate you from the past and reconnect you to your soul force.

A Spiritual Bath shifts you. It uplifts your spirit by washing away negativity, grief, stagnation and world-weariness, and removes obstacles that block success in achieving your goals and desires. Cleansing breaks the cycle of the ‘monkey mind’ and gives you space and clarity to put things into perspective.

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  • Manifest dreams and long buried desires
  • Bring courage and confidence to the unknown
  • Gain closure to trauma or overwhelming emotional states
  • Release fear, jealousy, resentment or envy
  • Liberate yourself from stress and anxiety
  • Draw projects and relationships into fruition

Holistic by its very nature, Maya medicine is classified as a medico-religious healing tradition, taking into account not only the physical ills of the body but also their effects on the spirit. The Maya recognize diseases of the soul as well as the body and are aware of the connection between spiritual and physical causes of illness. To learn more about the 4 main spiritual illnesses, click here.

Desert Spiritual Baths October 2013 - 13

What to expect:

There will be several consultations with me via phone or email, prior to your Spiritual Bathing experience. Your bath is prepared before you arrive, then a one on one review session connects our intentions with what you have decided to release, manifest or shift. After changing into a sarong, you are seated in the garden as sacred copal incense drifts around you. This healing smoke surrounds your physical body, moving the curative experience into the subtle bodies, or energy fields. Ancient prayers, appropriate to your faith, are directed into the pulse points inviting the divine agents of healing into the sacred ceremony. Maya believe those prayers open the gates to the body, soul, and emotions and copal incense carries those prayers to heaven. Your moon infused water holds your plant allies, herbs and flower essences. All were gathered with gratitude, intention, and prayer to aid in bringing their specific medicinal powers to your bath. An aspersion begins with fingertips, bundled herbs or certain holy branches opening the door to your own bathing experience.

Once the bath is completed, you sit in quiet meditation as integration takes place. This deep connection and new clarity allows the calmed mind and body to release, receive and express from a cleared subconscious level. You are led to the massage cabana for a 10-minute massage to push the healing to a cellular level, then receive a Tibetan singing bowl clearing, tea and light nourishment. Additional massage is available and highly recommended. A Spiritual Bath can be quite transformative, please allow yourself enough time to fully experience all the ritual has to offer.

IMG_0557 You can’t shake it: daily weariness, constant stress, a heart consumed with grief or loss, a deep desire to realize a dream, a buried longing for change. Spiritual Bathing helps you transcend limitations and negative thoughts or helps you manifest desires. It reconnects your ch’ulel, your life force, so you can live to your fullest potential. Browse the Spiritual Baths below. Call me to customize a bath specific to what you need. Healing starts when you are open to receive.



Authentic Traditional Mayan Bath Experience

Your customized bathing experience incorporates the specific healing requests discussed at length in our pre-consult sessions. Medicinal plants, flowers and essences, herbs and gemstones are gathered with gratitude, intention, and prayer to bring their unique curative powers to your bath. Soaking water under the moon increases the water’s vibrational healing power letting the elements offer their highest healing potential for you. Fresh basil, sacred copal incense, Belize Mayan Moon oil and a Tibetan singing bowl clearing complete the ritual. You leave with a ‘take home’ bath from the day’s waters and a brochure detailing everything about your bath. Book this bath – $425

Manifestation New Moon Bath

With water gathered and energized all night under the new moon phase, this bath helps to bring projects and relationships to fruition. A new moon marks the beginning of a new cycle when the moon is empty and receptive and full of quiet energy; an optimal time to plant seeds of intention and desire. Highly aromatic marigolds release what no longer serves to unblock obstacles and achieve all you deserve. Essences of Madonna Lily, Walnut and Mimulus let you see with the heart, help with transition and give courage and confidence about the unknown. Good for receiving clarity about projects that seem stalled or undo-able. This bath requires the receiver to come with a fully open heart. Book this bath – $350

Negative Energy Clearing Full Moon Bath

This bath is for clearing negative states, such as jealousy or envy from self or others, feeling emotionally or spiritually exhausted or feeling under attack. Water energized by the full moon pulls peak essences from appropriate plants and gemstones, and potent Lily Tinctures from French herbalist, Julia Graves, to bring the infusion to its apex. Good for cleansing the effects of betrayal, residual anger and the burden of guilt. Book this bath – $350

“It’s spiritual fine-tuning, even for skeptics.”

Grief and Loss Moon Bath

Losing someone dear to you feels as if there is no longer earth beneath your feet; you can’t breathe and you feel as if you will never recover. This is a bath to heal heart wounds and ease the grief that catches you off guard. Tinctures of proprietary Limpiezia and Star of Bethlehem transform depression and revive the spirit. Medicinal plants soothe and strengthen the body as the waters release cellular trauma. Custom made Belizean herbal tea for grief gives incredible comfort during integration. Book this bath – $385

“The whole experience was drenched in beauty.”

Forgive and Forget Bath

Letting go of resentments, regrets and grudges clears the body of toxins and cellular strongholds of potential dis-ease. This Spiritual Bathing experience combines appropriate herbs and flower tinctures to soften the heart and release the desire to cling to old emotions and past experiences. By initiating the act of biological forgiveness, the body and spirit clear the weight of negative emotions and attachments. The effects of this bath keep evolving with time. Book this bath – $385

Stress Relief Bath

Stress affects the healthy functioning of our bodies. Constant worry, fear, anger, frustration or guilt can affect your sleep and eating patterns, and your ability to do daily tasks. Unchecked stress is undeniably damaging to body and spirit. A Stress Relief bath experience can break the cycle of the ‘monkey mind’; whether it’s the constant reviewing of a situation, being in the middle of a crisis or a decision-making spin. The herbs and essences in this bath give clarity and calm so you have the ability to put things in perspective and take a genuine deep breath. Cuttings of Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Cherry Plum, Rosemary, Lavender and 14 flower and French Lily essences powerful combine to unhinge and detangle nerves, give the mind rest and see the world with clear vision. Book this bath – $385

Reconnection to Love Bath

This bath can be for romantic intention or to heal a relationship with a loved one. Based in the color green for the Anahata heart chakra, this bath creates an open space around the heart to have a healthy exchange and expression of love. It helps release neediness and unhealthy attachments, rids feelings of abandonment and corrects patterns of imbalance in one’s ability to receive. Helps with emotional paralysis and feelings of insecurity that can cause conflict in intimate relationships. Book this bath – $385

Pre and Post Surgery Baths

This bath can ease anxiety, apprehension, nerves, dread or fears one might have before surgery. A Spiritual Bath prior to surgery allows the body and mind to relax and receive Western medicine at its highest healing potential, bringing renewed courage and confidence to the situation. Calling upon all the elements of healing light, this bath washes away ‘what ifs’, puts body and mind at ease and opens the heart to receive healing and protective forces. Post surgery baths can help speed the healing process encouraging cellular self-healing and connecting mind. Book this bath – $385

Heading into cancer surgery, I was really scared. A friend gave me a Spiritual Bath with Jan. During the bath I heard her call upon all the women in my life who had passed, to protect me in my upcoming surgery. Immediately a powerful wind came up from nowhere and blew strongly! It was an amazing and unexplained spiritual moment. I truly felt my angels were with me. The next day before my surgery, I was calm and felt safe knowing, in my heart, I was being watched and protected. The Spiritual Bath washed away all my fear, anxiety, and stress. It made a huge difference in my surgery experience and in my healing afterwards.

Sue S., Westlake Village, CA

Space Clearing and House Blessings

A clean house or workspace is vital to your well-being because everything is energy. Negative energies can get locked into the walls, floors, and ceilings as well as the exterior perimeter of a space carrying years of unknown history from generations living there before you. Old energy can create havoc, sleep issues and an uneasy feeling in rooms and closets. Clearing the space releases stuck and stagnant energy and keeps the space protected and harmonious for all who dwell there or enter into the house. A house blessing ceremony is a beautiful newlywed gift or for anyone moving into a new home. Book this bath – $300 For more about space clearing and house blessings, click here.

The Full Renewal

Immerse yourself fully in the transformation to ignite the healing you need. Begin your 6-hour healing session with meditation to set the intention for your Spiritual Bath and connect to your desired results. Next is a personalized private yoga session that supports the emotional work ahead. Sip Rose Petal tea with a light snack before you step into the sacred space of your Spiritual Bath ritual. After the cleanse, you sit in quiet reflection and integration wrapped in warm towels amid the drifting of copal incense. Traditional Maya healing songs and a Tibetan singing bowl ceremony precede your 2-hour bodywork and massage. The massage moves healing to a cellular level and enhances the muscle memory of your healing shift. Silent walking in nature re-grounds you back into the present, followed by organic juices and light lunch. One-on-one closing session with your practitioner for a deeper discussion of your experience and to answer any questions. You leave with a take-home bath and brochure from the day’s experience. Book this bath – $1,500

“And a few months later, I am still experiencing profound changes in my life.”


Animal Baths

Spiritual Bathing works incredibly well on animals; it can soothe an anxious and high- spirited puppy or help an elderly animal into peaceful transition. Excellent for helping rescue animals adjust to their new loving home. The energy shifts have a profoundly calming effect on family members in the household as well. Angel Trumpet and Madonna Lily bring serenity to everyone’s soul. Book this bath – $300

Last week, Jan gave my sweet Parker (who is terminally ill) a spiritual healing bath and it was an amazing experience for all of us! Shy Parker (who never lets strangers near him, much less touch him) leaned against Jan for 45 minutes, calm and serene, as she prayed over him, bathed him, rubbed him, and wafted the copal incense over him. Today he is bright-eyed, cheerful and as energetic as his condition allows and I am soothed as well, finding the joy in each of his remaining days.

R. Raulston, Altadena, CA

Take Home Baths

To continue and amplify your healing, or to begin the process, blessed and infused waters can be packaged to travel home with you or shipped for on-the-road use in a soaking tub. Specific instructions are given for the ritual to be done within 24 hours of receiving. Priced per individual consult and personal needs. Buy

Group Healing Baths

Group healing is an undeniably powerful healing experience because the collective consciousness magnifies a set intention. The synergy of the group strengthens and amplifies the individual experience in a safe and contained environment. These baths can have a theme or shared desired outcome and are excellent for easing loss and grief, manifesting love relationships, releasing fears, and removing obstacles that lead to dis-ease. Group baths join us in community and a palpable experience of the sacred. Price determined by group size and details of bath desired. Book this bath

        Have questions? Don’t see a bath that completely resonates with what you’re feeling?
I’m here to discuss moving you towards whole-hearted health. Gratis. It’s that important to me.


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What are Maya Spiritual Illnesses?

Spiritual Healing is an indigenous healing tradition, seeped in history and ritual.

Holistic by its very nature, Maya medicine recognizes the connection between physical ills of the body and diseases of the soul and one’s attitudes toward life and living.

The Maya believe one’s Life Force, or ch’ulel, can be disrupted by 4 main spiritual illnesses: Susto (Fear or Fright) Pesar (Grief or Loss), Tristeza (Sadness or Depression) or lnvidia (Envy or Jealousy). It is a main goal for the Maya healer to balance the flow of ch’ulel in the body.

Susto (Fear or Fright)

Susto best translates as fright or trauma and is universally experienced by each of us at some time in our lives. Susto is one of the manifestations of “soul loss”, when the life force, or ch’ulel, is frightened out of the body by some traumatic event.

Susto in adults can be caused by: accidents or near accident, rape, incest, sexual abuse, domestic violence, witnessing a murder or violent death, violent movies, being mugged or robbed, sudden bad news, fires, explosions, tornadoes, hurricanes, war, sudden falls, extended fear of loss of income, property or job. Susto can result in sleep disturbances, stress, indigestion, pale skin color, and overall lack of interest in life. Fear can be a constant companion and one may be plagued by frightening nightmares.

The loss of ch’ulel affects the efficiency of the immune system, circulation, digestion, elimination, and the nervous systems.

Pesar (Grief or Loss)

Like Susto, Pesar can happen to everyone because we all experience loss of some sort during a lifetime. Pesar is caused by loss of what is dear to us due to death, fire, natural disasters, a broken heart, being fired from a job or losing a career position. The most common symptom of Pesar is a deep, mournful sigh that seems to come for no known reason and is rather constant. There may also be changes for the worse in personality, nightmares of abandonment, and a strong sense of hopelessness mixed with vague depression.

Tristeza (Sadness or Depression)

Tristeza is sadness or depression that seems to linger for years, or has been with the person for as long as they can remember. People suffering from Tristeza may have felt unwanted or unloved as babies, abused in early life, or experienced a series of peer rejections at school. They cannot find their true path or passion in life, feel isolated, alienated, and have a sense that life has been unfair to them. They have trouble getting started in the morning, sleep excessively, drink too much, abuse drugs, and struggle with relationships and successful careers.

lnvidia (Envy or Jealousy)

lnvidia translates as envy or jealousy. The victims of envy feel their present lifestyle must change in order for them to find happiness. They feel discontent with their spouse, job, home, friends and/or hobbies.

Envy has a thousand manifestations on the emotional, physical, and spiritual plane. Those suffering from Invidia are dejected, pale, and depressed and cannot say why. A fast-beating heart is common, with sudden palpitations that can be quite frightening and mimic heart conditions. Physical symptoms of Invidia include skin conditions, indigestion, lack of appetite, sleeplessness, nightmares, hearing voices, and an array of unexplained health problems.

Excerpted from Traditional Healing Approaches to Modern Psychiatric Disorders – Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN