Notes of Gratitude


That was spiritual elation!

Matt O., Los Angeles, CA

The experience of the spiritual bath was incredible – having this beautiful blessed water that had been infused with botanicals, gems, moonlight, and love. Jan completely dedicates herself to the ritual and you can feel it. And a few months later, I am still experiencing profound changes in my life. The bath was not the only tool in my healing toolbox, but I do believe it was an integral piece. I will be back for more.

Carol S., New York City, NY

I want to do one with each new season be restored and grounded.

Stephanie M., Malibu, CA

Dear Jan: I’m feeling pretty fantastic. I’m feeling like something opened up and am responding to things with less fear and apprehension. Things seem much clearer to me. Thank you so much for everything and I look forward to seeing you next time soon.

Julia H., Palos Verdes, CA

We know the amazing work you did with us during our week in France last summer played a massive part in making our dreams come true, clearing out old energies and making room for the new, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Mike is a new man now that the dark cloud has lifted and I finally feel I’m back to my normal happy self with much more clarity. We truly appreciate everything you did for us.

R&M., London

If you haven’t treated your self to this beautiful ceremony I highly recommend it. Jan creates such a loving and exquisite environment and the experience is powerfully but gently expanding.

Yvonne F., Los Angeles, CA

The Spiritual Bath experience Jan created for me was life altering! It has helped me take positive action where my health and weight are concerned. It was a wonderful, powerful experience!

Paula N., Overland Park, Kansas

I’m still reeling on how profound my experience was with your amazing spiritual bathing. I felt energy in my veins as if they were being cleansed with cooling, calming water. I have never experienced anything thing like that. Last night I slept soundly, and to my surprise, today the healing has continued. I’m wildly energized clear and euphoric. I am so grateful for your gift of healing.

Valerie C., Malibu, CA

Dear Jan, Thank you for the most magical, spiritual experience I’ve had! Just extraordinary!

Susan B., Seattle, WA

That bath changed my life.

Beth O., Tulsa, OK

My fears about dying and fear of accidents on the highways have completely gone!

Donna E., Wildwood, CA

During a retreat in France, I experienced a Spiritual Bath with Jan. The bath itself was one of the most unique and life-changing experiences I can remember. I felt quite calm afterwards and rested and alive the next day. What surprised me most was the work Jan put in for the preparation to my bath. She really listened to my issues and wanted to help. I feel like the cloud has lifted and I now have my smile back and am excited about my life again.

Mike K., London, England

Before my husband underwent treatment for tonsillar cancer, I requested a spiritual bath to help me cope with the role of caretaker. The experience can only be described as magical and transformative. As it turns out, not only have I been able to cope, but laugh in the face of the medical system madness!

Chris B., Seattle, WA

I had no expectations and what I experienced was AMAZING! I felt release from my heart area like nothing I’ve ever felt before. Thank you!

Sheri L., Beaumont, Texas

From the first moment I stepped onto Jan’s porch, I realized this was to be no simple soak. My bath quickly became a deeply healing and profound experience. I felt cleansed, soothed and inspired, renewed, blessed and grateful. Jan’s attention to the smallest detail is exquisite and deeply felt. This is reverie for the Soul.

Cynthia P., Los Angeles, CA

My bath was a divine, healing re-connection with some past sadness and loved ones and left me feeling lighter, clear in mind and body, and with a wonderful sense of peace. The ritual is beautiful, the flowers, the prayers, the smell of incense, followed by the sensitive touch of a massage…. I felt as if I floated home to celebrate the rest of the day. Thank you Jan for doing what you do…. everyone should experience this…the world would smile more.

Carolyn L., Redondo Beach, CA

I didn’t want to leave the space, or even speak. I was afraid I’d break the spell. I felt so connected, so grounded, so at peace. I didn’t know what to expect, I just went on faith and wow. It was just amazing.

Terri T., Las Vegas, NV

“I was feeling drained from the stresses of daily life and was neglecting myself. I felt sad and confused, frustrated and lost. After my treatment I felt like a new woman! Refreshed, re-energized, re-vitalized and ready to take on the world. Back home it’s like a weight has been lifted. I’m seeing everything in a new and positive light!

Annette C., Culver City, CA

Thank you Jan, for the time, energy, love and intention you put into my bath. You’re such a kind, caring, special and beautiful person.”

Rachel K., South Yorkshire, UK

The experience was wonderful, Jan. You are an incredible conduit of healing energy. I DO feel different and ‘cleaner’. My spirits are high and I truly feel connected to you and the ritual. Many, many thanks. Namaste.

Ric R., Palm Desert, CA

I feel as if there was this large weight, which seems to have vaporized, a distinct shift from prior to the bath. I think a big block was me being completely locked in the ‘story’ of how I thought things happened. Miraculously this story has quieted down a huge amount after the bath and massage work. With Love and Deep Gratitude,

Judah B., Los Angeles, CA

After 2 weeks at home I still feel very happy. Thank you so much for giving me that Spiritual Bath. Today I feel as if I were a teenager. Open, happy and mindful. My husband sends his thanks too. I am positive that the bath had healing forces. It has removed obstacles in my life.

Birgitta S., Sweden

After my session I looked in my eyes and they were very clear and I was rooted and grounded in my being. I have never experienced anything like this in the US.

Carole J., Los Angeles CA

The divine feminine energy you wrapped me in was kind, powerful, grounded, accessible, nurturing, warm and loving. I received a huge healing in my heart area. I feel much more grounded in my being and in my male energy as a result of that. Such gratitude, thank you.

Louis M., Harbor City, CA

Oh, sweet Jan, Thank you so much…. For you, for the day, for your love and healing and spirit, for the beautiful and serene oasis of beauty that is your home, for the sense of calm acceptance and love that you create, for the insight and clarity that have followed. I am profoundly grateful for the gifts of yourself.

Victoria A., Newport Beach, CA

Hi Jan, I started a new job! Thanks to your energy clearing.

Sandra U., Palos Verdes, CA

I am a significantly changed spirit since my bathing! Even my husband thinks so…very powerful stuff and your gift!!!

Jann L., New Zealand

Today I definitely feel different. I feel more grounded, cleansed and clearer. I feel as if there was this large weight around my energy field, which seems to have vaporized. I also am having immediate and good movement around my business and living space. I took action today to look for a place and am really living in the space and feeling abundance flow. This is a distinct shift from prior to the bath.

Ann Marie L., Pacific Palisades CA