“You are an incredible conduit of healing energy.” – Ric R., Palm Desert, CA



I’ve always taken baths.

I actually took the shower out of my house some 20 odd years ago; now willing guests are transported in an aromatic healing soak and skeptical guests become instant converts.

It seems all roads led me to Spiritual Bathing. A lifetime of love and fascination with scents and oils and potions. As a kid I mashed herbs from my grandmother’s garden, and drank water swirling with flower petals. These days, my countertops are full of tinctures and essences, jars of herbs and flowers, and my bookshelves bow with books on ancient wisdoms and nature and beauty and rituals.

Then my passion for rituals and bathing led me to Rosita Arvigo’s home deep in the rainforests of Belize, signing up for Spiritual Healing courses completely on instinct. I was mesmerized while initiated into the world of medicinal plants joining flower and herb energies infused in water with intention and prayer. I was eyewitness and recipient of experiences that transformed us all and my belief in this healing ritual became profoundly cemented.

I had met my soul’s desire.

320 Spiritual Baths later, baths in Serbia, France, Greece and all corners of the US, I can heartfully say this:


I have witnessed remarkable healings and transformations. I’ve listened to clients’ bath experiences I wouldn’t believe if I hadn’t been there myself. Tears. Laughter. Deep meditations. Visions. Closures. Manifestations. Animal spirit guides that show up nearly every time.

This powerfully transformative work, guided by Ixchel and the 9 Maya spirits, moves the healing vibrational energies of infused waters over and through every cell of your being. Read the testimonials page for yourself.

Come with an open heart and be prepared; this is no simple splash of water.



My favorite part was Jan. I knew she understood me, cared and wanted to make the experience personal so I got the most out of it. I felt I could be really honest with her. I also liked how she ran through all the things she put in my bath and gave me that information to read and keep. Thank you Jan, for the time, energy, love and intention you put into my bath. You’re a kind, caring, special and beautiful person.

Rachel K., South Yorkshire, UK

Jan made the experience for me; she was excellent. She really wanted to understand my issues. I felt so at ease like I could tell her anything. Days before we would speak about my issues so she had time to plan the experience and make it bespoke to what I needed. It made me feel very special. Plus, I found her an inspirational person who I was lucky to meet.

Mike K., London, England


  • Certified as a Maya Spiritual Healing Practitioner; trained under Dr. Rosita Arvigo, with 80 hours of hands on study at her home in the Belize rainforest; plant identification walks, lecture and giving and receiving daily Spiritual Baths. Practical training and intensive experiential study in the Mayan concepts of mind/body/spirit healing of spiritual illnesses, & the gentle form of shamanic journeying through the use of pulse prayers, flower & plant allies, pulse diagnosis, space clearing and baths. Dr. Arvigo is a recognized authority on Maya healing techniques and medicinal plants, with 36 years of experience as a master herbalist, naturopathic physician and spiritual healer. She apprenticed with Don Elijio Panti, the last great Maya Shaman for ten years and has dedicated her life to preservation and study of medicinal rainforest plants. www.arvigotherapy.com
  • Continuing education through herb workshops, one on one studies with healing mentors and the study of ritual baths of indigenous cultures.

  • Professional Flower Essence Course at FES headquarters, Grass Valley, CA. Intensive week long studies with internationally renowned Patricia Kaminski and Richard Katz at their home headquarters and farm. Daily plant walks included the study of botanical relationships, herbal and medicinal properties and lore of plants, herbs and flowers. Learned to establish a living connection with the healing power of plants as expressions of natural forces; learned basic principles of flower essence combining and thematic considerations in formulating. Case studies. Lectures. Written assignments. www.fesflowers.com
  • International Herb Symposium, Wheaton College, Norton, Mass. Intensive studies with Ayurvedic guru, Anne McIntyre, Master Herbalist, Stephen Harrod Buhner, Master Herbalist and author, Matthew Wood, fasting and cleanse expert, Nancy Phillips, and Plants and their Allies with Susun Weed, the Green Goddess. http://www.internationalherbsymposium.com/

Jan is a RYT Hatha Yoga instructor teaching weekly classes in Los Angeles and in healing retreats around the world and is a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists and Yoga Alliance. Jan has completed over 1800 hours of training in Spiritual Healing, Spiritual Bathing, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, Ayurveda, the Greek 4 Humors, 5 Elements, Japji, the sound of Naad, Sanskrit, In Sight Meditation, and related healing and holistic modalities. She has studied intensively with Pema Chondron, Thich Nhat Hahn, Sharon Salzberg, Judith Lasater, and John Casey, and is a certified Frank Natale Trance Dance leader.