Spiritual Bathing
“Water is the symphony of spirits in an invisible world”

Let the healing waters come to you

Continue to amplify your Spiritual Bathing experience or gently begin the process; your bath can be delivered to your door.

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Yoga, biking and Spiritual Bathing along the ancient Mani coast of Greece, September 2014…

What is Spiritual Bathing™ ?

Spiritual Bathing™ is an ancient Maya healing ritual that removes emotional obstacles blocking you from whole-hearted living. Using the vibrational power of water infused with plants, flower essences, sacred incense, prayers and intention, this cleansing can make a huge difference in your life. It can liberate you from the past, help manifest desires and clear overwhelming emotional states to restore your soul force. Read On >

How can a Spiritual Bathing experience help transform your life?

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“Finding Jan Scott was just what the Universe ordered!  Plagued by a series of negative circumstances, I was overwhelmed and exhausted.  Traditional methods of healing were just not working. I feel refreshed, energized, and positive. ” – Shawna B., San Pedro, CA
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